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Remote Tachograph data downloading module

GPS Logistic has an option for remote downloading of tachograph and driver card records. To achieve this goal, a Tachograph Remote Download Module has to be added to the GPS tracking device. This module enables automatic or manual downloading of the tachograph data to a virtual drive, mapped on the working station (computer) of the customer.

The service is available for all models of tachograph units, supporting the option for remote downloading of data (usually, devices made after 2011). The option has to be enabled in advance or unlocked in tachograph repair shop. It is also necessary the tachograph to be set to authorise requests for data downloading. This can be done by inserting the company card into the tachograph unit and then pressing few buttons.


After the tachograph device is unlocked for data downloading, the remote tachograph data downloading unit is installed in the vehicle and the tachograph is set to authorise the company card for requests of data downloading, we can finally proceed to the last step – the setup of the working station at which the downloaded files will be stored. Before stepping into this stage, the customer has to be supplied with a stationary tachograph card reading device and the company card has to be at hand too. The card reader should be connected to the computer and the company card has to be inserted in it for authorisation purposes when the downloading of the data starts. There is a software driver for the card reader, which has to be installed, and also an application, that creates the virtual drive at which the downloaded files will be saved. The application is also used for setting-up at what time intervals each device should download data from the tachograph, as well as, monitoring the status of the downloads or creating a manual request for data downloading.

The downloaded files are in format .ddd, which is unrecognizable for the standard software applications, but can be read with different types of specialized programs. The files are locked for edditing and ready to be submitted to the respective authorities upon request.

The above feature is especially useful for companies, that are focused in the area of international transportation, but are rearly willing to call back home their vehicles. The remote tachograph data downloading module solves that problem for these types of businesses, because it makes tachograph and driver card records available for handing over to the local administration at all times.