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Declaration of toll taxes in Bulgaria via GPS

Advanced GPS Technology Ltd. was successfully approved for a provider of declared data (PDD) to the Agency of Road Infrastructure / National Toll Unit (ARI/NTU) at 14.02.2020. On the 29.04.2020 were successfully registered the first vehicles of our Customers to declare toll taxes for the road usage of the bulgarian route network via GPS device, installed by us.

The registration procedure for Customers of Advanced GPS Technology Ltd. requires the Customer to sign a contract with our toll partners. The contract regulates the conditions on the line “GPS position data – personal toll account of the Customer – declaration of the road usage – deduction of the account with the due toll tax in favour of ARI – administration of the toll account of the Customer”. A link to the web site, at which the registration can be performed, is available to all our current Customers upon request.¬†Advanced GPS Technology Ltd. has the responsibility to perform a preliminary check of the GPS devices, that are about to be registered, and take the respective actions if the GPS devices must be renewed or repaired.


We also advise our Customers to install an addtional “TOLL signalization indicator” to the GPS devices, which will help notify the driver in case there is a current problem with the normal functioning of the GPS device. This is important, since any loss of GPS data can lead to undeclared road usage. If an issue arises, that cannot be fixed from a distacne, the system of our toll partners gives the Customer the option to buy a pre-paid ticket for the road usage – until the GPS device is fixed by one of our technical teams.