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Two-way communication with driver

The system GPS Logistic offers an option for two-sided communication with the driver, based on smartphone, tablet or GARMIN navigation. The connection between the mobile device and the GPS module is wireless (via bluetooth) and the GARMIN navigation is connected to the GPS via GARMIN FMI cable.

The option for two-way communication with the driver (Driver chat), supplies the following functionalities:
1. The fleet manager can send send text messages to the mobile device or GARMIN navigation of the driver from GPS Logistic.
2. The drvier can send text messages to the fleet operator, which are delivered in GPS Logistic.
3. The fleet manager can send destination as coordinates, address, or a point selected on the map to the mobile device or GARMIN navigation of the driver for fast route generation – based on the settings and characteristics of the navigation software.
4. Monitoring the status of messages (pending, delivered, read), ETA status (estimated time of arival to the address) of the accepted locations.
In order to be suitable for connection to the GPS device, the mobile unit should meet the following requirements:
1. For smart phones and tablets:
– the device to be with OS Android;
– the device to have bluetooth option;
– the device to have its own GPS module, in order to be used for navigation;
– the device to have offline navigation software installed;
– the device to have GPS Logistic Chat app installed.
2. For GARMIN navigation:
– the unit to support FMI (fleet management interface), as well as, the respective GARMIN FMI cable to be present;
– the unit to be chosen bearing in mind whether the vehicle will be a car or heavy truck, since only the second type supports entering of volume parameters.
It is important to select between the 2 options – driver communication via smart device or via GARMIN navigation – in advance, since the GPS device hardware is very different in the 2 scenarios.

The aim of the option Driver chat is to minimize the number of phone calls, SMS messages and other types of communication between drivers and fleet managers. It ensures a secure channel for sharing correctly written and archived data, used in the everyday activities. Moreover, the option spares vital time for the driver not having to type-in addresses in order to find its next destination. The location is sent to him just with few clicks of the fleet manager.