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Connecting your speditions to GPS Logistic

The GPS Logistic system enables the introduction of authorized external access to the position of your vehicles in real time by your partners, customers and speditors. This option could be implemented by one of the following 3 scenarios:

1. For larger speditions with internal systems for freight monitoring – GPS Logistic allows the direct transfer of data to the partners of your company after a request from you to us and few minor configurations, that we have to perform. Usually, the process is done in the following order: 1.1. You state to us that spedition X needs access to your vehicle for a specific period of time, since you are already performing a service for them or the service is about to be performed soon.  1.2. We check whether spedition X is set in our direct data transfer companies list and if it is, we create a subgroup to your company folder in GPS Logistic. If needed, we also create a special account or set an access code, which is needed for further settings by your partner in order they to be able to see the data for the position of the vehicle chosen by you. It is possible the respective spedition to request from you a unique code for the vehicle, which again is provided from our side. In this way the spedition recognizes the vehicle faster in their system, since they are receiving data from dozens of GPS providers at a time. 1.3. We then send to you the required data for confirmation of the access and give you a brief instruction (via phone call or via e-mail message) on how to grant or take the access to the position of the respective vehicle to your partner, since they need to be seeing it only while you are performing a task for them. 1.4. If the system of spedition X has any additional options, that you could use, they should be contacted by you in order for additional training for working with their software. This is done after we have successfuly started to transfer vehicle position data to their side. The companies, with which we work direclty on point 1., include: TimoCom, DHL, Aldobec, Project44, LKW Walter, eTrack, GEFCO and more.

2. For smaller or new speditions with internal systems for freight monitoring or for the implementation of ERP systems – GPS Logistic provides the opportunity for the establishment of authorized data transfer to the system of your partners. The difference here is that the integration has to be performed by the software department of the respective company. For the purpose, we provide a username and password for access to a chosen by you vehicle or group of vehicles, as well as, our API documentation, that is needed to connect to our servers. This documentation contains a set of commands and instructions, which extract data, collected and grouped by the system GPS Logistic. The scope and purpose of the data used by your partners depend on your agreements with them. Normally, the integration procedure to GPS Logistic takes time, since it is connected with the creation of new software and constant communication between our staff and the implementation team on the side of your partner. We are always ready to assist when it is needed. The companies, which have already established connection to GPS Logistic on point 2., include: Zeron, Rila Solutions, Sixfold, Veroo, Grupo Sese, DB Schenker and more.

3. When a one time only or a frequent monitoring of a vehicle by your close customer is needed, we could create an additional user account and a subgroup on the side of GPS Logistic. In this subgroup you could always put or remove a vehicle for your partner to monitor directly in the system. The procedure is started when you contact our support depatment with that request. It will take only a few minutes.  The new customer account could be additionaly limited to see only the current position of the respecitve vehicle – without access to reports or past time information – but this should be clarified with our representatives in advance. Good practise policy requires always to check the new accounts that you plan to provide to your partners before you do.

For more questions regarding the access to data from GPS Logistic for your partners and employes, please do not hesitate to contact us from HERE.