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History of the firm

Advanced GPS Technology Ltd. starts officialy to operate on the 12.10.2009. At that point, the company’s management has past experience in the field of GPS monitoring system of about 10-15 years. On this basis, they decide that there is an unfullfiled need of high-quality fleet management service on the local market – which leads to the creation of GPS Logistic.

Being familiar with the problems, that most of the fleet managers face, the engineers of the company decide to develop GPS Logistic in a way, suited to solve exactly the most common issues. To be more specific, GPS Logistic has to be made easy to operate by and meet the needs of each Customer and their various departments – management, accounting, spedition, logistic, sales representatives and etc. It has prooven to be a reliable instrument for lightening the communication flow, generating usefull reports about expenses and expected profits, being a secure archive for variety of documents and establishing an effecient control and improoving the coordination regarding the every-day workflow of the Customer’s personel.

The vision of the founders of Advanced GPS Technology Ltd. is to continue improoving the system – both with software and by introdusing new hardware modules – which can be seen in the constant addition of new services to the current package. Some of them are: declaration of toll taxes via GPS device for Bulgaria and Hungary, reading data about an attached equipment to a truck or a machine – for example: trailres, agricultural tools, periodic downloading of tachograph data from a distance and so on.